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Yoga with Barbi Lund

Fridays 10 -11am at the Palairet Hall

£30 for five sessions or £8 drop in.

Also online classes on Tuesdays from 6.30 - 8pm

£30 for five sessions or £7 drop in

Yoga means union.

By bringing our attention to our postures and our breath we form a connection between our minds and our bodies, becoming more focused and present.

The physical benefits are many – it increases both strength and flexibility and improves posture and balance.

There are many different schools and styles. I teach Hatha Yoga which is the most common and involves the traditional aspects of yoga such as practising postures, breathing and awareness.

My Friday class at the Palairet Hall is a mid-level class and needs some degree of flexibility and stamina. An underlying principle of yoga is “Do no harm” so I always provide suggestions for different levels of ability and for managing different aches and pains!

I have been practicing yoga for a 25 years. I did my teacher training with the Devon School of Yoga in 2007-09 and have been teaching 2 or 3 classes a week since then. It is a bit addictive – I can’t imagine life without it.

Contact: Barbi Lund

07846 335636


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